Anaphora 1.2 Release

Still using Anaphora 1.1? Go to the App Store and update the app to version 1.2! We have fixed some items and added a few features. Update today! 

– Social Sharing Options have been fixed
– Better Playlist Management
– Privacy Mode Added
– Push Notification Added
– Koinonia Screen Friends Feed Added
– Ability to see what your Friends like


Anaphora Radio Released!

After years of planning and hard work, we are proud to present the first Coptic app that lets you stream Divine Liturgies, Praises, Sermons, etc and let’s you customize and create your own listening stations based on the library. Through the intercessions of Holy Virgin Mary, the app was released yesterday on April 2, 2015 (which also was her appearance on April 2, 1968) and through the prayers of Saint Antony, the app was sent to the app store, reviewed, and approved in less than 24 hours. The app was again submitted for a system update in the same day and was again approved within the same day, all on April 2. We hope you enjoy the app and look forward to getting feedback.